How to avoid social media disasters

Social media is not the only source of stress for schools, and there are still many of them around the country, experts say. But it is a big source of worry. The rise of social media and other online tools has been a challenge for many public schools, especially for schools that […]

How to build a social network without a lot of money

The social network market is booming and many start-ups are finding it difficult to monetize.While many social networks are offering ad-free content and the like, the competition for advertisers is fierce.The social network industry has a unique way of trying to attract attention, and its growth is going to be […]

When does social media make you sad?

Twitter users are now sharing memes with a twist: they’re calling out a social network with a different name.In what some are calling a “meme wars” meme war, the social network Spreely has been sharing photos of itself that it says have been “mocked” by users who call it “the […]

How to add Twitter to a Twoo social site

The first thing to know is that Twoo doesn’t have a website.Instead, it’s a Twitter app, but the app is just a widget that sits on the top of your page.If you have a Facebook page, it might be in the app drawer, and if you have an Instagram page, […]

A Wangu Social Network Theory FAQ

A WANGU social network theory FAQ.How does it work?A WAN is a network of people who have a common interest, shared goals, and shared experiences.These people can be social networks, social networks that can be shared, or any other network that has a common goal.A social network is a group […]

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