Why ‘Raya’ Is Winning in Its First Year of Growth

Raya has been an early winner in its first year of growth.

According to the social network company’s Q2 earnings report, Raya grew to a whopping $9.4 billion in Q2.

While the company says that it’s expected to reach $13 billion in 2018, the company still has room to grow.

Raya says that its social media influence has grown from 1 million users in the first quarter to more than 3 million in Q1.

The company says this growth is due to increased engagement from the platform and the success of its Instagram Stories app.

Raya’s Instagram Stories feature is also seeing an increase in viewership, as the platform saw an increase of more than 2 million users during the quarter.

Rayan said that it plans to make its Instagram videos available on other platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, so that other users can share content as well.

The social network also said that its mobile platform has been one of its best performers.

The platform is now generating a staggering 5.6 billion daily active users, according to Raya.

In Q2, the platform grew by nearly 3 million users.

In 2018, Rayam also said it will launch its YouTube TV platform.

The company also said its Twitter and Instagram accounts were also doing well.

Instagram had 5.3 million daily active visitors in Q4, while Raya had 1.6 million daily users.

Twitter had 6.3 and Instagram had 3.9 million daily user visits.