How social networks are changing the business world

This week, The Hill’s Social Networks podcast hosted by Joe Mancini and Brian Lutz kicked off its first ever episode with a look at how social networks and social media platforms are changing our world.

The podcast focused on three key social media trends that are impacting business.

The first is social networks’ ability to connect users with a broader network of people, which Mancinis says is “really the beginning of a whole new way of working.”

This is what Mancis new book, “Social Networks: From Small-Medium to Big-Threshold,” will cover.

It will also explore the challenges facing the company in the digital advertising space.

The second is the “influencing of the way people use social media,” which Mais has said is changing the way businesses work.

He also noted the “evolution” of social media’s reach.

Finally, Mancins book also looks at how these social media and the digital media landscape are evolving in terms of the ways in which businesses can monetize and engage with their customers.

Mancinis said that the digital business has a long way to go in terms and quality of content, and that the “resilience” of content has “changed dramatically.”

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