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article Posted May 12, 2019 05:18:33We all know that sharing things is one of the most social media-intensive activities out there, but what about sharing stories?

According to new research by Facebook, sharing stories is a way for you to show your friends that you care.

While most people have some idea what “like” is, many of us don’t actually know how to make it happen.

Facebook has taken a big step towards making that happen by giving you an easy-to-use tool that lets you share and like things on Facebook.

This article is the result of that collaboration, and it was written with the goal of giving people who aren’t sure what to do with social sharing some useful advice on how to use this new tool.

It doesn’t mean that sharing is a bad thing.

If you’re a person who likes to make a difference, sharing is really important.

But sharing a photo of your dog or a funny video clip is probably not a great way to show friends that your story is a worthwhile one.

And when it comes to sharing stories, this tool can help.

It’ll show you how to share your story to your friends, and how to find the people you want to share it with.

But it’s even better if you have a story to share.

If you’ve never shared a story before, it’s a good idea to get some experience first.

If your friends like it, you’ll get a few more likes and people will be more likely to share the story.

It also helps to make sure you have someone to share a story with.

This is the first time that Facebook has introduced a new feature to its News Feed, so we asked Facebook’s team of writers to help us understand what it means for the platform and the stories they want to see on the site.

The idea of the new News Feed is that the social network has integrated some of the features of a Facebook Timeline, a way of allowing users to see what their friends are sharing.

News Feed users can then share that story to their friends.

But this isn’t just a way to see how many people have liked your story.

If people are liking your story, you can also share it to your family and friends and the News Feed will automatically refresh to show them the most liked stories.

It sounds simple, but Facebook is introducing new features to make sharing and liking stories easier.

It’s a way, but it’s also a way that will change how Facebook learns what you like, shares, and likes about the people in your life.

That’s not to say that Facebook won’t learn how to help you find more people to like and share your stories with, but there’s a lot that’s new about how News Feed works, too.

For example, when people share stories to the News Page, the News page has to remember that the stories are actually from people that Facebook knows.

The company has been working on ways to improve this system in the past.

One of the first major changes to News Feed was the introduction of News Feed Notes, which let people mark up posts with photos.

But the notes were a bit of a mixed bag.

The notes were designed to help people share information from their social networks but didn’t do a great job of letting people remember the people who shared their posts.

Today, the company is taking a different approach.

News Notes are more like a book that you can read and annotate.

The News Notes feature on the News feed now includes a timeline and a section called Story Notes, where you can add your own photos and stories to let Facebook know that you’ve liked the story and want to update your friends.

The News Feed notes also include a section to let you track what other people have said about the story, so that you have an even better idea of what the people that you want the story to be shared with are thinking.

In addition to adding the new features that allow you to find stories, the social networking giant is also taking another step toward making sure that people who want to learn more about the stories that you share with your friends on Facebook can learn about them.

This is something that Facebook is already working on, and Facebook is launching a new program called Stories that lets users create a Story of their own.

The new program is designed to give people who are not familiar with how to create stories a chance to learn about this new feature that allows them to share stories with friends on the social media platform.

The goal is to make people who might be hesitant about sharing their stories on Facebook a little more comfortable with the experience.

It’s also designed to make things easier for people who have already shared stories with their friends, so you can now easily create a new Story that will automatically show up in the News feeds section of your News Feed.

Facebook’s Story of the Week feature will also show up automatically in News Feed when someone posts a story