Why is dad social network trending on Facebook?

The dad social networking site dad is now a trending topic on Facebook after being the first to be linked to by News24 journalists in the past 24 hours.

The news site also found that dad is trending on Twitter.

Facebook user ‘DadsDiary’ wrote on the dad social networks page, “Dad has been linked to the world and now trending on all social media.”

The story was picked up by other sites and trending topics, such as the Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed and CNN.

Twitter user ‘jimmymackin’ wrote, “My Dad, my Dad, dad, dad.

He’s been linked.

I was shocked.”

The dad site, which launched in 2010, is now the top-rated social network among boys aged 13 to 14.

But the trend has drawn comparisons to Facebook’s photo-sharing app, which was launched a year ago.

Facebook’s Facebook Page is still a popular place for Dad’s Day and the site’s user base has increased by almost a million people since then.

It was a similar story in 2009 when Dad’s Diary was a trending item on Facebook and its user base jumped by 500,000.

“There are a lot of other sites that are doing the same thing, and it’s not always a good idea,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

Facebook has yet to comment on the story.