What’s next for the NFL?

The NFL has been forced to make some difficult decisions in the wake of Super Bowl LI, and the league’s latest announcement could be the biggest one yet.

The league announced Wednesday it would be eliminating all of its official Twitter accounts for the season, but not before it makes its move to Facebook.

In addition, the NFL said it would no longer host official pre-game and post-game videos on its social networks.

While the move is undoubtedly controversial, there are some positives to it.

Twitter was a far bigger platform and a better place to make the announcements, but it also was the source of the majority of the backlash against the league during the Super Bowl.

It also allows the NFL to hold its pre- and postgame events in front of a bigger audience, and could even help the league make a splash during the next NFL season.

Twitter has already been criticized by some who argue the platform can be abused for the purpose of making a splash or to gain publicity.

While it will no longer be able to host official videos, the league said the video sharing platform could still be used for other purposes.

The NFL said Wednesday it will be using a new social media platform called the @NFLNetwork to host post-season events, and will be working with the NFLPA and other players to share information about upcoming events.