Mastodon social media training

Mastodon’s social media team is going live.

The company has announced it will start training members of its social media community on how to handle personal information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, in order to better serve its users.

The program will also include a variety of tools and resources to help users better manage their information and protect themselves from identity theft.

In an update to its social networking guide, Mastodon said it will be launching its own app and website later this year.

Mastodon is currently ranked No. 8 on Google Play’s most popular apps, behind only the popular Telegram app.

The app is built with a mobile web-based user interface, which makes it easy for users to interact with content in a similar way to how they interact with the main Mastodon app.

Users can add and delete friends and profiles, browse the Mastodon community and chat with other users.

In addition to the new tools, Mastodons social media platform will include a “more personal experience,” Mastodon CEO Mike Novak wrote.

The Mastodon team is committed to improving the way it serves its community and the platform is committed a community management platform.

“We’ve seen the community evolve over time and we’ve seen a lot of people ask for more, so we’ve spent a lot more time building a community for our users,” Novak said in a statement.

The new program will be available from August 1, while the current Mastodon training is currently available through a paid subscription service.

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