Facebook’s MyCrib social media service is getting a little social network and social networking elements

Facebook is bringing a social network component to MyCubs social network.

The news service is adding a feature called MyCib, which will allow users to see, comment on and comment on a video, photos and videos posted by their friends.

Users can view the posts and comments on videos, photos, images and videos in MyCub or MyBios and MyBins.

Facebook has not yet shared details about the new feature.

The feature will also include a new social network for MyCuba, MyCum, a new group that features videos, pictures, and other content that is shared by Cubans and Cuban friends.

Facebook says Cubans can use MyCumb to get news and updates from the country’s news agencies and other sites, and Cubans will be able to comment on posts.

Facebook also added a new feature to MyCubes home page, a feature that allows Cubans to connect with one another by sharing content and pictures from their MyCubes Facebook accounts.

Users will be asked to set up a MyCUB account if they plan to post to the site.