How to use the Astrophotography Social Network to connect with other Astronomy enthusiasts in Ireland

Astrophysics and Astronomy fans can use Astrophotos Social Network as a hub for sharing photos and videos of the stars.

The social network is designed to help astronomers with social media sharing, networking and online social interaction.

It was launched last week by Irish Astronomy Association in a bid to bring together Astrophots users and to give them the chance to share their views on the stars with fellow Astronomy users.

Astrophotos is an online space where users can exchange photos, videos and other content with each other.

The app allows users to share, share and comment on the content they have posted.

In order to use Astro Social Network, you need to register an account.

The app offers an option to register as a paid user, a paid member or a casual user.

The paid user option is available to paid Astrophottos users who have a registered account.

The casual user option allows casual users to access AstroSocialNetwork for free.

Users can set their own preferences and settings.

Once a user has set up an account, they can post content directly to the app or post it to the Astro social network.

Once uploaded content has been shared to Astro, it can be viewed and shared on the Astros social network for a period of up to 12 hours.

The Astro Facebook page offers a wealth of images, videos, and information about the stars as well as an easy to use interface.

Users who join the social network can share their own content, share content to other Astrophoto users, and share photos and video from the Astrography social network with Astrophopes members.

AstroSocial Network is free to use.

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