How to set up a social network for your kids

Social networks are an excellent way to get information from your kids about the world, but they’re also one of the most addictive.

With so many of your kids’ friends online, you can be surprised at how many you don’t know about.

That’s why parents should take advantage of a number of options to keep tabs on their kids’ online activities and help them discover new and exciting friends.

Here are the five most popular social networks for kids.


Pinterest This social network has more than 8.4 million members and is growing fast.

The site features a collection of pins that are available for sharing on social media.

There’s also a gallery for photos of different topics and activities.

It has a social media section called Pins that features pictures of pins from other people.

You can also post to the boards and comments sections of Pinterest.

It’s free to join and offers a variety of features for parents and children.


Twitter: Twitter allows you to post images, text, and links from your phone and other devices to the site.

It also lets you share photos, videos, and other content, as well as add your own content.

Twitter is free, but you need to be signed in and a Twitter account to post to. 3.

Tumblr: Tumblr allows you and up to four friends to share images, videos and other links.

You’ll also have the option of sending photos, text messages, and pictures to one of your friends, which can be used to share photos or video to your friends.

Tumblr is free and offers tons of features.


Facebook: Facebook allows you post photos, comments, and status updates to your followers and friends, so you can see how others are reacting to your posts.

You also can post to your news feed and receive notifications when someone shares something new about you.

It allows you access to photos, video, and text.


Instagram: Instagram allows you share content from your smartphone, tablet or computer and also lets your friends and family see what’s happening with your posts, so they can react to them.

It is free to sign in and is the only social media site that allows you, too.

If you are worried about your kids using social media, they’re more likely to use Facebook if you allow them to.

However, if you’re worried about kids using Facebook, they should be able to use Instagram to keep track of what they’re doing online.