Facebook to offer $15 billion investment to create an ‘ethical social network’

Facebook is offering a $15bn investment to make the social network an “ethical social platform”.

The deal comes just weeks after Facebook said it had bought a $1.1bn stake in an online video company called Vimeo, which is working on a social video platform that has been dubbed the “ethical video platform”.

Facebook’s decision to buy Vimeo means that it will become one of the biggest companies to invest in ethical video content.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that his company would “continue to build out the ethical video platform” to the point that it would eventually have 100 million users and “create an ethical social network” that would be “part of our core mission”.

Facebook is also reportedly considering launching a video sharing service called InstaVideo that will allow users to share video clips and clips with friends and family on the social networking giant’s service.

While Vimeo was initially focused on video-sharing, Facebook plans to build an “ad-hoc” video platform called Instafile that will make it easier for people to share and distribute their content on Facebook.

InstaVideo is still in development, according to an official blog post from Facebook.

Facebook has not yet revealed any plans for the Instafilile platform, and it is unclear if the company plans to make InstaYouTube a standalone app, or if it will use it to build a dedicated video sharing app for Facebook.