‘We can’t afford to lose’ with Facebook’s deal with HBO

Facebook is negotiating a deal with the HBO programming studio, sources told Fox Sports.

The deal would be a first for Facebook, which was rumored to be looking at an acquisition deal with another media company before the 2016 election.

Facebook is in talks with a number of media companies to bring HBO content to its platform, including Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated and HBO Now, sources said.

Sources said HBO is seeking to retain some of its content, including its “Game of Thrones” programming, to help it get to a higher ratings and monetization rate.

The company is looking to add more premium programming to its lineup to expand the platform’s reach.

The HBO deal is expected to be finalized by the end of the year, sources familiar with the talks told FoxSports.com.

It’s unclear whether the agreement would extend to HBO programming for other platforms.