What happens when your city becomes the internet of social media?

Facebook’s social network is expanding to the U.S. and Canada as it prepares to launch its newest service in 2021.

In New York City, the company announced Thursday it is launching a new platform for city government, city government apps, and other social media platforms.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, in a speech at the City of Industry convention, called the new platform, City City, an “inspirational, groundbreaking, new social media platform that will transform the way cities engage with each other and citizens.”

The announcement comes as the city’s citywide efforts to create new services and products have been slowed by the national government shutdown.

But de Blasio’s comments, which come as social media is becoming more ubiquitous in cities, show a city embracing its role as a global social media powerhouse.

New Yorkers will have access to Facebook’s new City City platform from the start of 2021.

The platform will also allow city government agencies to connect with each others employees, officials, and community members.

Facebook’s City City service is meant to provide an easy way for users to get information and share it on Facebook, and it allows the company to leverage its vast data and analytics capabilities to help the city build its future.

Facebook announced in March that it would expand its City City app, adding features that include a user profile, photo galleries, and news feeds.

The company has also introduced its new Community Safety & Tech service, which aims to help local governments better understand how their residents and businesses are coping with the citywide disaster response.

It also said that the company was working with the City and other local governments to make City City easier for users.

In addition to providing the new service, the city will also offer a free service called City Council to help users connect with city government officials.

The city’s new city services will be available to residents through an app, but City Council is not a standalone app.

Facebook has said that City Council will not become an official city service until 2021.

City Council can be used to quickly get information on key government officials and events, such as the coronavirus pandemic.

City City also will let users get an overview of events happening in their city.

The app also lets users share photos and videos of major events and landmarks that may be important to them, and users can share and vote on news articles.

New Jersey Mayor Steve Fulop, who chairs the state’s Senate Committee on Commerce, Industry, and Consumer Protection, announced Thursday that he and other city leaders will be partnering with Facebook to develop City Council.

“We are working with Facebook and its partner partners to deliver an innovative and innovative service that will help New Jerseyers understand what is happening in the state, how things are going and what’s happening around them,” Fulop said.

The mayor also said he and the other city officials will be hosting an event on City Council with Facebook representatives in the city to provide information about City Council, and Fulop also said the company will be working with state officials to provide free City Council services to local governments in the coming weeks.

“The mayor and I have been engaged with Facebook for years and have been impressed by their progress in the City Council and Consumer Safety & Technology areas,” Fulad said.

“I have been encouraged by the company’s leadership and are excited to work with Facebook as we continue to support the city in its efforts to bring greater transparency and accountability to our state and local governments.”

The mayor added that the city would also provide City Council free services to help residents better understand what’s going on in their local communities.

The New York Post first reported the news of the launch.