Trump administration asks Facebook to block social network film: Report

The Trump administration is asking Facebook to shut down an ad-supported social network movie website, which it says could undermine national security.

The move comes after Facebook’s director of global digital policy, James Karpeles, warned on Thursday that the movie website’s content would undermine the United States’ ability to protect its people from terrorism.

Trump administration officials said Thursday they are asking Facebook “to remove content that could harm national security or undermine the public’s trust in the security of the United State.”

The move comes amid heightened concerns about a growing proliferation of online propaganda.

“We are seeking the immediate removal of content from the social media platform that has been linked to terrorism and has been seen as being in the public interest,” the Office of the Director of National Intelligence wrote in a letter to Facebook.

The social media giant has since said it has removed the content.

Karpelis warned in his letter that the site’s ads, which the White House calls “trolls,” are “likely to incite violence, violence that can have a chilling effect on the free exercise of speech and conduct,” and the company has “significant, real-world consequences.”

“We will not stand for this content to be shared and distributed by this platform,” he wrote.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“This is a deeply troubling step that threatens to undermine our ability to do our jobs and protect the safety of our people, our citizens, and our allies, and it’s also one that we’re asking Facebook in no uncertain terms to stop,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday.

Facebook has long defended its decision to allow advertisers to buy ads on the site and has warned that such ad-blocking would undermine public trust in its ability to prevent and detect terrorist propaganda.