#atlanta Twitter is launching new #socialnetwork widget, which lets you connect with friends in real time

Updated September 08, 2019 06:00:50 The social networking service Twitter is now adding support for a new social networking widget to its site.

Twitter will start rolling out the widget in the coming days.

The widget, called “Tweetbot,” allows users to post and tweet links in real-time from their Twitter accounts.

Users can also use the widget to search for friends or share content from the social network.

Users can now share links and photos from the “TweetBot” widget on Twitter’s Twitter page.

The widget also allows users and other users to “like” a tweet, comment on a tweet and send a tweet directly to a friend.

“This new widget is designed to make it easier for people to find their friends on Twitter and connect directly with them via the social networks,” the company said in a blog post.

Users who want to add their Twitter friends to the widget can sign up for an account with the service.

Twitter’s new Twitter widget features a search function that allows users in realtime to find friends and follow them.

The search function also lets users search for tweets with a specific hashtag.

Users also can filter tweets based on the hashtag they want to follow.

Users also can add Twitter followers to a list of friends, including their own.

Twitter also says that the widget allows users who have a list view of their Twitter followers in real real time to see all of the followers who have tagged a specific tweet with a certain hashtag.

Users could also share links from the widget directly to their friends.

Twitter said that the feature will also allow users to share photos from a photo, video, or text.

The tweetbot widget will launch in the upcoming weeks, with the first launch in September.

Users will be able to post a tweet to the Tweetbot widget, then link to the tweet, in real times.

Users are also able to add followers to the list of followers, and share links, photos and content from their account to other users.

Users with a Twitter account can post links to the tweets, photos, and content in real, unedited time.

Users are also allowed to delete or change their followers’ status from “follow” to “unfollow.”

The widget will also let users “like,” comment on, or retweet tweets, and users can “favorite” a Tweetbot tweet.

Twitter says that users can share content directly from the Tweetbots widget to their Twitter account.

The Tweetbot widgets will be available for purchase in the future.