Bulgarian social network firebrand Sofia Mikhaylovskaya gets a new job

Sofia Mikhailovskaya, the Facebook CEO of Bulgaria, is getting a new role in the Bulgarian social networking site Firebase.

She will be an “advisor” and will help users navigate to specific topics on Firebase, Firebase CEO Jan Kukhlev said in a statement to Reuters.

Firebase also said that the company has hired former Google product manager Matt Braunstein as a senior adviser.

Mikhailov has been the CEO of Facebook since 2014.

“As the CEO, I believe that we have to be agile, but also adapt,” Mikhailov said in the statement.

“With Firebase we can create a platform where we can work together, to help people to share their stories, to connect with their friends and family, to collaborate on interesting projects, and to get more done.”

Mikhailov and her husband, Sergey Mikharyov, a billionaire, had an open divorce in 2015.

They are said to be very wealthy and Mikhailov is married to billionaire Alexei Mikharev.

She is also the daughter of the late Bulgarian billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Mikhailova was not the only person to get a new position with Firebase in 2017.

Facebook announced on Friday that the firm would hire an executive to lead a new team of product managers and product managers in the U.S. to help its teams around the world build products that people want.