What to do if you get a notification about your account being suspended

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If you receive a notification that your account has been suspended by one of the following social networks, check the following:If your account is suspended by any of these sites, you may be able to get a refund or a refund credit to use a different social network.

The most common reason for a social network suspension is for violating rules, and is typically an account violation.

Suspension is generally temporary and may be lifted after you receive an update.

For example, Twitter suspended the account of journalist James Delingpole for violating the company’s rules on harassment and discrimination, but the account was reinstated within 24 hours.

The same is true for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Other reasons for suspension include:Violating the site’s terms of service or policies.

In addition to the reason for suspension, Twitter also may ask users to agree to additional terms or conditions.

If the user doesn’t agree, the suspension will end.

If your Twitter account is banned, you can get a credit to your account for the amount of time you spent suspended.

To find out how to get your account reinstated after a suspension, check out the following steps:If you get an email from Twitter informing you that your suspension has been lifted, check your spam folder.

If you see a notification, check to see if you have the credit for the time your account was suspended.

If so, you will get an update in your inbox.

If not, click the link and follow the instructions.

The credit will be applied to your balance in your account.