Which social media platform is the most successful?

On Wednesday, social media giant Twitter announced that it had surpassed Facebook as the most active social network.

According to the study, the social media network had 5.3 million active users in October, which is more than the combined users of LinkedIn and Facebook combined.

The study also found that the average user is a 29-year-old, white male, living in the U.S. The average monthly engagement rate for the social network is 792, which compares to a total monthly audience of 4.3 billion.

The study also notes that Twitter is now the largest social media company in the world with 683 million monthly active users.

But, with the acquisition of Instagram, it appears that the social-media company has surpassed Facebook.

According the study’s findings, the number of daily active users has increased from 2.7 billion in February 2017 to 6.9 billion in November 2017.

The new social network platform has more than tripled the daily engagement rate, which has risen from 10.4 percent in March to 14.9 percent in November.

Instagram is now generating an average daily audience of nearly 2.5 billion daily users.

According to a previous study conducted by Nielsen, Instagram had the highest number of users at 1.3.

The site has been able to attract more users to the platform due to its focus on original content and the ability to create branded content.

The social network has more users at 8.7 million.

According a new study by Pew Research Center, users who have been using Instagram for at least two weeks are more likely to have a college degree than those who have only been using the site for a few weeks.

The Pew study also reports that Instagram has gained in popularity among teens, especially those who are searching for celebrity content.