How to stop being distracted by the media

More than 20 news organizations have teamed up to make the public a bit more aware of the growing threat of the “fake news” problem.

With their collaboration, the top news publishers, including The Associated Press, the Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times and Reuters, have created the “Fake News Report,” a short-form blog about news stories and news-related topics.

The new program is part of a larger effort by media outlets and other news organizations to work together to counter the growing power of the fake news phenomenon.

The report will provide a list of fake news stories to be vetted by news organizations and to provide guidance for readers.

News organizations are also collaborating with Google to help make it easier for people to report fake news.

The Associated Press announced Thursday that it will partner with Google News to create a free search engine that will enable users to search for and highlight stories that are credible, accurate and relevant.

Google will then make that information available to its News Feed community, with a goal of “helping our users discover and share the most accurate and useful news stories about the topics and people in their lives.”

Google News has been around since 2016 and has recently become more popular.

The service allows users to “locate, rank, and show trending news stories,” and also features a “trending” tab for stories that have made headlines or have received a lot of attention.

Google News is also making it easier to share stories on its news aggregator, News Feed, by giving users the ability to link to their stories from within the site.

The news aggregators are powered by Google’s data technology company, called Google AdWords, and offer “a single search engine for all content on Google News,” the AP said.

The partnership is the latest in a growing number of news organizations partnering with Google.

Last month, The Wall Street Journal joined the “New York Times Digital Content Group” as well as the AP, APN and Vox Media to build a “news feed” for journalists that will allow them to see, share and analyze their content on the web.

Earlier this year, the AP joined forces with Buzzfeed and The Verge to create an app that lets users find, report and share news stories.