Facebook has no option but to make an official apology to the Hindu community

The social networking giant has decided to take the first step towards fixing the issue, a top executive has said.

Facebook has started a task force headed by its global head of diversity, Ashok Singhal, to examine whether it has the legal capacity to take action.

The team will look into whether Facebook has the power to regulate content.

The company is expected to unveil its findings soon.

Facebook is already facing a backlash over a controversial decision by the social networking company to remove a Hindu image from its newsfeed and then publish a video clip of it.

On Wednesday, it apologized to the community.

It said that it had made the decision in order to protect the “safety and dignity of all people” on the platform.

The decision has been criticised by some Hindus, who have claimed that Facebook is ignoring their faith.

But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that his company would continue to respect people’s faith and said it was not his decision to make.

He said the company would “do whatever is needed to bring the right standards to Facebook”.

The company has said it will look at the issue through its legal team.

The move to make a formal apology comes as Facebook faces increasing pressure to remove offensive content.

Earlier this week, the social network faced criticism for banning a video that showed a young Hindu man being gang-raped in a public bathroom.

The video had been viewed by more than five million people and had generated nearly 1 billion page views.

The social network said that a group of women had protested against the video.

It also said it would not be censoring the video itself, but would be reviewing the content of the videos and removing it if they violated its rules.