Twitter suspends account for allegedly violating Twitter’s policy against promoting child pornography

Twitter suspended the account of a user who promoted child pornography, the company said Thursday.

Twitter suspended the user’s account on Oct. 30 after the company learned of the content posted by the user, according to the company’s statement.

The account was created in October 2015 and was used to post photos of children and young people that appeared to be taken from child pornography sites, the statement said.

The user did not appear to be affiliated with any child porn websites, the account was not promoted on Twitter, and the account did not contain any copyrighted content, the statements said.

In a statement, Twitter said it was reviewing the case and would take appropriate action if warranted.

“We’ve made it clear to our community that we will not tolerate the distribution of child pornography,” Twitter said in a statement.

“This includes images of children in child pornography.

We have taken swift and decisive action to remove the user from our platform.”

Twitter has said in the past that it will suspend accounts that violate its rules on promoting child exploitation.

Last week, Twitter suspended accounts that promoted content that was allegedly child pornography on a platform called Twitterfor violating the company´s policies against child exploitation, according.

Twitter also suspended the accounts of a woman who posted a photo of herself in a bikini and a man who posted images of child sex abuse and a child on a Snapchat app.

Twitter did not say why the account with the alleged child pornography posts was suspended.

The investigation of the account revealed that it promoted the child pornography images on social media sites including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, the companies said.

Twitter said the account had been used for many hours before being suspended.