How to keep your friends and family connected in a digital world

With so much connectivity, it’s easy to forget how important it is to keep in touch.

Here are six tips for keeping friends and families connected online.


Connecting with your social network The most important thing you can do to keep people and groups connected is to have a social network.

Find your friends on your social media accounts and use the links they have on them to connect with them.


Communicating with your friends The second thing you should do to make sure your friends are on the same page is to make friends.

People you don’t know well can be the first to feel lonely online.

Use the social networks you have to connect.

Use hashtags to spread the word about a project you’re working on or a new project you are doing.


Keeping in touch with your family The third thing you need to do is to always keep in contact with your loved ones.

Keep in touch through text messages, phone calls and email.


Keeping up with your work One of the best ways to keep up with the things you’re doing is to read a lot of blogs.

The internet is a great place to learn about technology, technology innovation and how it affects society.

Keep reading to find the best way to keep track of all this.


Getting in touch if you’re in a bad mood When you’re feeling down or lonely, you can reach out to a friend or family member to offer support.

This will help you get back on track and you can get better.

You might need to talk to a stranger, but that doesn’t have to be a long conversation.


Being connected on Facebook and Twitter You can always get in touch using social networks.

If you have a problem, say hello to the people you’re talking to, or give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

You can also say hello in person and make eye contact.

Here’s how to get in contact on Facebook.

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Find friends to reach out If you don.t know anyone online, then it’s time to get some friends online.

Facebook is a really good place to find people to connect and chat with.

Here is a list of some of the popular Facebook groups you can join: Helping people with disabilities Help people with mental health issues, social anxiety and depression Helping others with disabilities and people with autism and learning difficulties