How to protect your data on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

With the world of social networking under fire, the Canadian government is urging businesses to make sure they keep their users’ data safe and secure.

The government is asking the private sector to help it protect sensitive data on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter by making sure it has policies and guidelines in place to protect users’ privacy.

A recent audit by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada found that Canada was one of only three countries where Facebook, Instagram and Twitter do not have a formal privacy policy.

The survey of 1,000 business owners found that only 44 per cent had policies in place, compared with the U.S. at 82 per cent.

The companies have come under fire for not keeping their users private on social media, and there are also concerns that they are not using the data they collect to protect Canadians from cyberattacks.

The Canadian government released a report earlier this month that said the country faces an estimated $11 billion in cyberattacks every year and that a $3.8-billion cyber-attack could affect the Canadian economy as much as $2.4 billion a year.

The federal government has said the data is needed for cyber security and cyber crime investigations.