How to stop gay social network posts

A gay social networking site, the site “Gay Social Network,” has received a suspension from the NFL after one of its administrators allegedly posted a sexually explicit video.

The suspension came after a Facebook user complained that the social network’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg, had posted a video of him holding a gun and making a homophobic slur.

Facebook said it had suspended the Gay Social Network and that the administrator, Aaron Ehrlichman, apologized for his actions.

Ehrleman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

The suspended administrator, Ehrler, said the video was intended to be funny, not offensive, and that he would not have posted it if it were not for the user who had complained.

In the video, which has since been removed, Ederlichman said, “If you think this is funny, I’m going to kill you right now.

Get out of here.

You’re no good.”

He then goes on to say he would “take care of it.”

“I have been warned, and I’m sorry,” he says in the video.

He then asks the user to stop the video by using a word he is using to describe the video’s content: “gay.”

The video shows Ehrlider talking about how he would kill the person if he saw the video and asks him to stop by saying, “I’ll call you.”

The administrator responds that he was “stupid” to post the video in the first place.

The user said in an email to ESPN: “I am truly shocked and disappointed.

I thought that the video posted by Aaron Ederleman had a purpose, but it clearly does not.

If he is truly sorry for the content of the video he did not mean to offend anyone, but was simply looking to shock and offend someone who was offended by the content.”

The Associated AP has not verified the authenticity of the recording.

Ederlichtman, who is gay, told The Associated Post in an interview last year that he had been bullied by the transgender community and was worried about the video being viewed by a broader audience.

“I was afraid it would get played all over the country and that I would be ridiculed and treated badly.

It would be seen as a hate crime,” Ederli said at the time.

In a statement released Monday, the NFL said it was suspending the Gay Sports Network for six weeks without pay and that it would review the situation.

The NFL’s decision follows similar ones by other major sports leagues that have come under scrutiny over sexual misconduct.

The National Basketball Association suspended six players from the team for the 2017-18 season after the players allegedly assaulted two women, including one who was 18 years old.

The NBA said in a statement on Monday that the league would not comment on specific instances.

The Philadelphia 76ers, which are owned by the New Jersey Nets, suspended its head coach and general manager after they were caught in a separate sexual misconduct scandal.

The Los Angeles Clippers suspended two players for the first four games of the season after an investigation revealed they had sex with a woman in their hotel room.

The Charlotte Bobcats announced Monday that owner Michael Jordan was leaving the team, citing “personal and professional issues.”

In the case of the Philadelphia 76s, the suspension will be paid out to the woman who filed the complaint.

Ehnlichman is a prominent gay activist and the owner of the online gay social networks GayHoop and GayVixen.

In his Facebook post, he said he “will never apologize for my actions.

I am the only person on this site who holds a gun to the head of the people who make my living and make this world.”

Ehrli told the AP that he has received “hundreds of threats” and that Facebook blocked the site from their platform.

The Facebook page for Gay Social Networks is now showing that the site has been suspended.