How to use the new Twitter ad-sharing app for free

NEW YORK (AP) — Twitter has released an app for Android, iOS and Apple devices that lets users share photos, videos and more easily share their social media content with friends without needing a Twitter account or a smartphone.

The new app, which Twitter says has been in beta testing since early March, allows users to make a post and share it with up to five other people, all within a minute or two.

Users can also send the photo or video directly from the app, where they can tag the user’s friends and family in the tweet.

The app, available for free to users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and New Zealand, allows people to share photos of friends, as well as videos of them playing sports or watching movies.

The photo sharing feature works on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, and Twitter.

Twitter users can also create their own account on the app and share their own photos, along with videos, with up 10,000 friends or followers.

Twitter says the app can also show users who are sharing a video of a game or movie they’re watching or a video from a friend, as long as it’s not part of a movie or TV show.

Users can also view and vote on their friends’ content.

Users also have the option to upload photos directly to the app with the tag line “I am sharing this with you,” which is a new feature that was introduced in April.

The company says it will make the new feature available to users worldwide soon.

Twitter said it expects the app to become more popular in the coming months as more people use it to share content, as more content creators use it as a platform for sharing content.