Bitcoin’s rise to the top of social networks

Bitcoin’s surge to the front page of the social networking space has seen it surpass Facebook as the most-popular social network on the internet, according to research firm TechCrunch.

The cryptocurrency surged to second place on the US Facebook and US Google+ search results on Tuesday, after overtaking LinkedIn in a month-long ranking.

The number of active users on Bitcoin’s social network is also now greater than Facebook’s.

The social network’s social graph now has more than 2 billion active users, more than half of the total Facebook population.

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 as an online payment system for online transactions, though its popularity has skyrocketed in the past two years, with its value soaring to nearly $500 million in early 2018.

It is also used as a payment method for online auctions, such as those for cars, which has led to the creation of virtual currencies such as Dogecoin, which is used for digital art and has a similar name.

“It’s been a great week for Bitcoin and the world,” said Daniel Scharfenberg, a senior analyst at tech research firm Digitimes.

“The social network space is the future of social, and we’re seeing huge growth.

We’re seeing this trend of a more online and more interconnected world.”

Bitcoin has risen steadily in popularity in recent months, as a number of companies have launched their own social networks, such the hugely popular Reddit.

The rise of social networking has been driven by the advent of new digital currencies such Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are used to purchase goods and services.

But the technology has also come under fire for its alleged use of anonymous cryptocurrency mining.

Bitcoin mining was banned in Europe in 2015, but is being reintroduced by some governments around the world, including the United States.