Twitter ‘will continue to build a platform that enables the social network to grow and thrive’

Twitter is to expand its mobile application, and is preparing to release its first standalone app for iOS, the company announced on Thursday.

Twitter has also announced a partnership with Apple to create a new version of its iOS app, which will be used to create new mobile apps for users on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Twitter is building an app that enables users to share tweets and other content on the social networking platform.

The app, called TweetDeck, will launch in the next couple of months and will work alongside Twitter’s existing mobile apps.

The new app will be called Tweetdeck, and will be available for iPhone and iPad, and on the App Store and Google Play.

The news comes after Twitter launched its own mobile app, Tweetdeck.

The company is also adding a new feature to its mobile app called Twitter for Work, which enables users who are not employees to work from home and also allows them to manage their own social media presence.

Tweetdeck was introduced in March last year and is a standalone app that offers users the ability to read, reply and tweet on Twitter.