How to use Google Ads to reach new users and grow your business

Posted November 02, 2018 12:11:24 Google has introduced a new feature for advertisers that allows advertisers to directly contact new users through a Google Ads ad.

Previously, Google Ads could only reach new customers through direct interaction with them.

Google has also expanded its ad network to include social networking sites and other networks.

But Google says its new feature makes it easier to reach people through Google Ads, because the new tools can also work across other platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The new ad system can also be used to reach more than one group of people at once, which is something advertisers are increasingly looking for.

Here are some ways to use the new features: Facebook ads on Twitter ads on Facebook and Twitter ads to reach a target audience via Google Ads.

This is a very common use of Google Ads and has been used successfully by companies like Spotify and Nike to reach customers on Facebook.