‘Liar’ ‘Totally’ not a ‘lady’: ‘Lose’ a ‘Lady’ Facebook account

‘Truly’ not “a lady” Facebook account is being used to post abusive material, a new Facebook account owner has said.

Facebook has been forced to admit a ‘Liesl’ account was created by an unknown person in April 2017 and that its algorithm has been misused to make it appear as if a woman was in fact posting.

“I’ve created a fake account, LYL, which is totally not a lady.

It’s completely fake.

The entire thing is a total hoax,” said Lydon Mathers, who owns a ‘Famous Lydons’ social network.

She said the account, which she claimed was created as a joke, was “completely fake”.

She claimed she had been using the account to post racist, homophobic and sexist comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ms Mather said the name of the account was LYLDL.

In May 2018, Facebook said it was removing the account after being contacted by police.

A spokesperson said the original name of Lydonia Lydson had been removed.

Lydonia Mather and her wife Lyla Mather are pictured here.

The Mather’s were originally told they would be allowed to use the account if they would only sign in to Facebook with a female name.

But after the police came knocking, they were told the account had been created by someone using a fake name.

The spokesperson said they would now be allowed “as a joke”.

Ms Marnes claims Facebook was not making the account up, but “creating a hoax”.

She said she was contacted by Facebook’s policy team and asked if she could use the fake name of “Lydona” to post offensive comments.

After asking for the password, she claimed the account contained offensive material and the password had been changed.

However, after being told she had to give Facebook her name and password, Ms Marns claims she was told she could no longer use the Facebook account.

She said: “Facebook told me that I was wrong, but then changed my password and the account is back.”

“They’ve got the power to change your password, and they did.”‘

This is not an account of a woman’ Facebook said in a statement to News24: “The Lydonian account is a completely fake Facebook account, created by a person who is not a person.”

“The Lylon account was designed to mock a fictional character in a novel called Lydona.

This is not the account of an account in the novel.”

Facebook said it had also removed the fake account and deleted the offending content.

“This is completely unacceptable.

We have taken steps to remove the account and we have also deleted the content from the Lydonal page.”

The original post was removed.

We take these actions to prevent abusive, abusive behaviour on Facebook and to protect people from false accounts.”‘

Lies like these can’t be tolerated’ Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook was looking into how to tackle the problem of fake accounts.

Mr Zuckerberg said he had asked Facebook to do more to prevent the “lurid and offensive posts” from appearing on its platform.”

We are aware of reports of users creating fake accounts and we are looking into ways to help them, including better filtering,” he said.