How to use Twitter to communicate with Jesus via the social network

If you follow Jesus on Twitter, it’s possible you’ll find yourself sharing your thoughts on a number of topics.

But as the hashtag #JesusSays has spread, it has spawned some fascinating interactions with people who are far beyond your average follower.

In the case of one Twitter user, the conversation went on for nearly an hour.

When the conversation turned to the recent church shootings in Texas, the user began asking questions like: Are there any churches that are open and open for worship?

Does anyone know how many churches there are in the US?

Are they all closed?

Is there a national network of churches?

Is anyone there who is willing to answer my question?

As the user asked questions about his religion, he began sharing a number he had seen on social media: a photo of a woman with a cross on her neck, and a picture of the pope sitting on the head of a cross.

The user told the user that he was a pastor of a church that he had visited.

When asked how he was going to get answers to those questions, the Twitter user responded, “by asking them a question of my own.”

He continued, “I will say this, Jesus, I don’t have any idea how you know so much, but I am going to ask you.”

The user then said that he would “like to see the answer to this, as well as any questions that are in your head.”

In a follow-up tweet, the tweet user asked, “Are you going to see your future as a pastor?”

In response, the Jesus Says user tweeted, “You have to ask for answers.

And it’s going to be your own doing.”

The conversation then moved on to the Pope’s visit to a church in the United States.

“He’s a saint, but he’s also a person of God,” the user continued.

“It’s not like you are a saint.

He’s a person.

He has flaws, but that doesn’t make him an evil person.”

The account also told the follower that “if you are really trying to get someone to understand your faith, you should pray to the Lord.

You should be praying to the Holy Spirit.

The Lord has given you this gift to be able to ask the Lord for answers, and you will see a response.”

The follower continued to ask, “If you have a question you want answered, what would be the best way to do it?”

He then shared a photo, “a photograph of a man standing with his hands crossed.

It’s a very good example of prayer for God’s mercy.”

The Jesus Sides user then asked, “…is it OK to ask God’s forgiveness for something you’ve done?”

He responded, “…

God is good.”

The followers response was then, “No, it is not OK.”

The tweets ended with the user saying, “We are a social network.

It is what we do.

I will tell you this: The Holy Spirit is always with you.

We will never let you down.”