The most used social networking apps of 2016

Social networking apps like Instagram and WhatsApp are the most popular social networking platforms for people to share photos, videos and other content.

According to data from the Social Media Marketing Research Lab at UC San Diego, users of those platforms were used to share content on more than 200 million occasions in 2016.

The data showed that users of Instagram and Twitter were the most engaged with their content in 2016, with users sharing more than 20.7 billion content updates and 10.6 billion likes.

Social networking platforms also rank higher than traditional platforms for engagement with their users.

Social media analytics firm iSuppli reported in a report that the average social media user visits more than one of these social networking sites per day.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn users were the top two social networking websites, with average visits of 9.8 million and 9.4 million, respectively.

The study also found that Instagram users were second most engaged in social media activity.

Social networks also rank high for engagement on mobile devices, with social media users on mobile accessing more content than users on desktop platforms.

For mobile, social media platforms were third in usage and Facebook was the top social network for engagement.

iSupplicity also found out that mobile social media content consumption increased across the board from a high of 1.5 billion social media updates per day in 2016 to more than 4 billion social content updates per week.

The social networks ranked higher for content consumption on mobile phones.

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook users shared more than 10 billion content views on mobile smartphones in 2016 compared to just over 2 billion on desktop devices.

isuppli also reported that the top 10 social networking applications on mobile for mobile engagement are Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Stories, Pinterest, Snapchat, Snapchat Stories and Snapchat News.

Snapchat was the most used application among mobile users, with Instagram and Snapchat being the top three applications, followed by Snapchat Stories, Facebook, Snapchat and Facebook.