Al Jazeera: ‘There are no guarantees’ of social media influence

In its latest update on social media, Al Jazeera Arabic said that, in terms of influence, there were “no guarantees” of social networks influence in the country, and that, at the moment, there are no “proper” measures in place to protect the social media.

According to Al Jazeera, social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which can be used for campaigning, “are not under any laws, which is why, in the absence of legislation, they can and do influence the political process”.

Al Jazeera Arabic added that it does not see a solution to the “political uncertainty” in the nation “at the moment”, and that this is why it has chosen to report on the “ongoing challenges of the nation”.

Al Jazeeras report said that there are “serious doubts about the legitimacy” of any government’s social media platforms, and said that “these doubts are not new, but have become more pronounced in recent years”.

In September, Facebook, Google and Twitter said they would not be using the terms “Islamic State”, “Islamic Emirate”, “caliphate”, or “Islamic state” on their social media channels, but the following month, Facebook said it would be starting to include such terms in its news feeds.