What you need to know about Facebook’s privacy policy

Share this article Share Facebook has updated its privacy policy, making it clear that it will only sell your information to third parties that can use it for advertising purposes.

The updated policy was made available via a blog post yesterday, and includes a section entitled ‘Facebook and other social networks’, where it outlines Facebook’s stance on data collection and usage.

Facebook will only collect information on its users when required to do so for the purpose of making sure they are authentic users, according to the policy.

The policy says that Facebook will use information it collects to “ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.”

The updated privacy policy is a significant change from the one Facebook announced last month.

Facebook previously said it would only use information about users who are in the “United States,” and that it would not share data on people outside the United States.

The company had previously stated that it does not want to share information about its users with third parties outside the US, and that information will only be shared with US law enforcement authorities.

However, Facebook later updated its policy to say that it only wants to share data with US authorities.

The revised privacy policy also includes an explanation for the terms and conditions that users must sign up for before using Facebook.

“Facebook and the companies that host our content do not sell, trade, or give away our users’ personal information,” it says.

“We do not use cookies, tracking cookies, or other tracking technologies that are tied to any particular user to enable you to access or use Facebook.”

Facebook said it will not use the information collected from your online activity to send targeted ads, and will not sell your personal information for marketing purposes.