Boston’s Facebook is a social network and finder but not a social app

Boston’s social network Facebook is getting a redesign.

The company announced the change on its site Monday.

It’s a big change for Bostoners who have had to wait for a social networking app to make it into the app store.

The app that Boston’s app is now based on is called FindBoston.

It is not a Facebook app and is not designed to be.

The FindBoston redesign will now be called “Facebook Connect.”

Facebook has also made other changes to its social networking apps in the last couple of months.

It recently introduced the Find Boston app to the Google Play Store, which has been widely criticized for its lack of features and features that don’t exist in its Android app.

Google’s Android app, however, has more features than any other social network in the world, including a photo sharing option.

That’s not to say Facebook is making the same mistake with its apps.

Facebook’s mobile app, which runs on Android, has a huge amount of features, including photo sharing, that are only available in Google’s mobile apps.

The FindBoston app is also available in the Apple App Store, but Facebook says it will also be available in other markets.

Facebook also announced on Monday that it has begun making available the FindBoston mobile app on iOS, and will soon launch the app on Android.

That means if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you’ll be able to use FindBoston on that platform as well.

Facebook said that it was working with local police agencies to improve the app to help them quickly respond to incidents.