How to make a facebook profile more like a cow

Facebook profile pictures are no longer just for show, and now even social networks are starting to use the social network as a place to create real-world images.

A recent study from US company Imgur showed that Facebook pages now have a real-life feel, with a real cow.

The company’s CEO, Joe Sullivan, says the cow image is a reflection of his team’s belief that the social media platform can be a place where real people connect.

“People use it as a way to communicate with their friends and family, so it’s a way for us to do that.”

It’s really a reflection on how we see this business and how we want to take it forward,” he said.”

We want to connect with people in a real way.

“In the study, the cow appeared on a Facebook page with a cow logo, with the word ‘cow’ being the main text.

Users were asked to rate the cow, and the more the cow scored, the more liked it was.

But it was not a perfect cow image.

The cow had a wide-open mouth and a small head, and had no facial features.

When asked about the cows anatomy, Mr Sullivan said the cow was “very simple” and “nothing out of the ordinary”.”

The cow was pretty simple.

The eyes were pretty small.

They had a bit of fur on the top of the head and on the bottom of the tail, but not much.

“They had no mouth, no teeth, nothing really,” he explained.

“When we first got the cow to do this we were just really, really excited to see what it would look like.”

Mr Sullivan said Imgur was the first social network to use Imgur to create a real image of the cow.

“Imgur is the first platform that really embraces the concept of social media as a medium for sharing images, so we think it really helped them get to this point,” he told News.

The Cow image is still not a cow, but Imgur has been sharing it around. “

I think it’s an example of the kind of cool and different way we want Facebook to work.”

The Cow image is still not a cow, but Imgur has been sharing it around.

“We just started adding the Cow image in December of last year and it’s been really fun to see people use it,” Mr Sullivan added.

In a blog post, Imgur said it wanted to “recreate” cow images from real life to “make people feel like cow.”

“The images you see on Imgur are not actually images of real cows,” Imgur wrote.

“Instead, they are just images of us putting our imagination to work.”

“We’ve taken the most beautiful photos of the most famous cows in the world and then put them together with a picture of a cow.

This allows people to see the world in a way that is truly amazing.”

Imgur said its images would not be updated regularly, but it would “be able to create new cow-like images”.

“We are still experimenting with this concept and if we feel it works well, we will start to share these cow-themed images across the platform,” the blog post said.

It is a sign of the times, with Facebook and Instagram seeing their share figures plummet.

The number of users using Instagram has fallen to just 10 per cent, while Facebook’s share has gone from 17 per cent to just 3 per cent.