MEWE social network launches ‘Christiansocial’ mobile app to connect Christians with people in need

MEWA social network is set to launch a new mobile app, Christiansocial, to connect Christian people with people who need support in the area.

The app is aimed at connecting Christians with the people who are in need, in the form of people in crisis, according to MEW.

The new app will be available for download in the coming weeks and will be accessible on mobile devices and the Apple Watch.

It will also be available on Google Play and the Google Play Store.

“Christians are the ones who have been left behind,” said MEW founder and CEO Tim McAlpine.

“We’re really seeing that we have a massive, global problem with people feeling isolated and without support.”

In 2017, the charity’s annual report showed that it had been overwhelmed with requests for help.

“When you have a group of people who have nowhere to go, it really can be difficult to find them support, but that’s the problem,” McAlpin said.

“They’re not being taken seriously.

They’re not receiving the attention they deserve.”

The app will allow people to report their needs, make a donation, or share information on their personal stories, according in its description.

The charity said it has also set up an app to allow people who cannot be reached through their existing services to find the services they need, if they have a phone number.

The mobile app will also include information on how to report cases of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual abuse.

The organisation also said it would be adding an online chat tool, which will enable people to share personal stories with each other.

The group said it hoped that the new app would provide more support to the community.

“For too long we have been living in a time when the church has not done anything to help the people in our community,” said McAlp.

“The fact that Christiansocial has now become the largest social network in the world is a great step forward for the church.”

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