When does social media make you sad?

Twitter users are now sharing memes with a twist: they’re calling out a social network with a different name.

In what some are calling a “meme wars” meme war, the social network Spreely has been sharing photos of itself that it says have been “mocked” by users who call it “the most boring Facebook.”

The site, which is based in the U.K., has taken the unusual step of asking its followers to send it pictures that mock Spreelys most famous post.

Users are using Spreeleys photo of the post to share the meme.

Users have also been calling out the website with memes, using Spreemos Twitter handle to tag the posts.

In a post titled “Spreely memes: the most boring Twitter?” the site says its users are “reposting” its memes to “raise awareness of the many ways our social media platforms are broken.”

The site then goes on to say it “does not endorse the content in these images and does not endorse Spreelys content.”

The website says it has “no control over the content of others’ photos, nor is there any responsibility for the content that you post on our site.”

It also says that users are not responsible for photos that are not appropriate for social media.

Spreeley did not immediately respond to requests for comment.