‘I’d rather be the first to see this than the last’: How a new social network has transformed the way people experience sports

A new social networking site that is making its debut in the UK has revealed how it can change the way athletes experience the sport.

Sports Direct, which launched in Britain in December, aims to make the experience of attending a sports event more immersive and personal, and aims to transform the way fans and followers of sports can connect with each other and with the sport itself.

The website has already seen a massive surge in traffic, with an average of 100 million unique visitors per month.

But while the site is the latest in a long line of social networking services to arrive in the country, it is also the latest to offer a premium experience for fans.

While there are a number of other social networks out there, Sports Direct is the first offering a premium offering, with users paying an extra £5 per month for a membership that comes with a 24/7 access to the site’s VIP features.

“We have created a premium membership which includes access to our VIP VIP features and exclusive content and features,” Sports Direct chief executive John Smith said in a statement.

“This includes a live chat with the CEO and other Sports Direct executives, exclusive videos, and live access to events and matches live streamed from the company’s global network.”

Smith said the company would continue to improve the site and expand its VIP service.

“We will continue to add new features to our website to make it better, more exciting and more interactive,” he said.

“And we will continue offering exclusive content to the fans via our live chat and live video streams.”