Promo Code

Please Read the Promo Code rules and regulations carefully.

From time to time letsminglewithsingles.com will offer a Promo Code to promote different offers and campaigns.

1. To particpate in any Promo Code promotion or campaign you MUST use the correct Promo Code at the time of registration to the site. LMWS reserves the right to refuse any promotional offer if the Promo Code was not entered at the time of registering to the site.

2. Promo Codes are only valid for the specific offers, promotions or campaigns, and will expire upon the conclusion date or period of time of the promotion.

3. Some Promo Codes may require you to provide letsMinglewithSingles.com with your current email, phone number or address for the sole purpose of insuring you will receive any benefit that the promotion offered you. (LMWS will never use this information for any purpose other than the intended purpose outlined).

4. There maybe several different Promo Codes being offered at one time. Your Promo Code will only apply to the agreement that was offered for the specific promotion you were offered and will not be in any conjuction with any other Promo Code, Raffle, Prizes or Cash giveaways that are going on or in the future during the time of your particular promotion.

5. Some Promo Codes require the purchase of a VIP membership in order for LMWS to fullfill the promotion. You will not be given any reward or offers if you did not complete the minimum purchase of the membership for that specific Promo Code.(This is non-negotible)

All Promotions are final and no refunds or extensions will be granted except LMWS deems it appropiate at our discretion.